GardenComm Fellow Honorees

A GardenComm Fellow is a member in good standing who has demonstrated exceptionally high degrees of skill, professional ethics and dedication to the objectives of GardenComm. Fellows are nominated by the membership, recommended by the Honors Committee and elected by the Board of Directors. Two Fellows may be named each year and self-nominations are welcome.

2023 Honoree - Mary Kate Mackey

Mary-Kate Mackey is a garden writer, educator, and speaker. For 25 years her byline has appeared in most major U.S. garden publications. For the past 12 years she has provided monthly content to the Hartley-Botanic Greenhouse website. Her latest book, coauthored with Kathleen Brenzel, is The Healthy Garden—Simple Steps for a Greener World and features advice, opinions, and photos from many GardenComm members. She has been an active member of GardenComm for 23 years, serving as a Region Six National Director, volunteering in many capacities, and teaching the craft of garden writing in workshops, presentations, and webinars. Mary-Kate is the recipient of ten GardenComm writing awards, including a Gold in 2021.


2023 Honoree - Nan Sterman

Nan Sterman is passionate about plants and gardens.  She is a pioneer of California’s landscape transition from thirsty and hungry to waterwise, sustainable, and beautiful.  Nan focuses on connecting plants to people and the planet.  She wears several hats: garden communicator, garden expert, award-winning journalist, designer, teacher, author, botanist, TV host, and producer, among others. She has written three books and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. In 2007, she started one of the first gardening blogs in the U.S. for Organic Gardening magazine. She created, produced, and hosted eight seasons of the public TV Show, A Growing Passion. This passion includes a dozen years of board service to GardenComm.

Past Fellow Inductees
Fellow Year Honored
Sally Cunningham 2022
Bill Johnson 2022
Maree Gaetani 2021
Carol Michel 2021
Mary B. Good 2020
Ellen Zachos 2020
Lois de Vries 2019
Pat Stone  2019
Dan Benarcik 2018
Peggy Ann Montgomery 2018
Betty Mackey 2018
Daniel Gasteiger 2017
Deb Wiley 2017
Renee Shepherd 2016
Jan Riggenbach 2015
Denny Schrock 2015
C.L. Fornari
Stephanie Cohen
Felder Rushing 2013
Saxon Holt 2012
Anne Marie Van Nest 2012
Bob Tanem 2011
Richard Tracy 2011
Cathy Wilkinson Barash 2010
R. William Thomas 2010
Nona Wolfman Koivula 2009
David Ellis 2008
Marty Ross 2008
William Aldrich 2007
Maggie Oster 2007
Denise Cowie 2006
Alan & Linda Detrick 2005
Irene Virag 2005
Rose Marie Nichols McGee 2004
Mary Ellen Logee Ross 2004
Thomas Powell 2003
Frederick E. Roberts 2003
Brian Minter 2002
Douglas Jimerson 2001
Barbara Lawton 2001
Ken Druse 2000
Barbara Emerson 1990
David Tarrant 2000
Rosalind Creasy 1999
Jacqueline Hériteau 1999
Jeff Lowenfels 1998
Walter Chandoha 1997
Frances Tenenbaum 1997
Jean Byrne 1996
Larry & Anstace Esmonde-White 1995
Ed Hume 1995
Michael D. Smith 1993
Jane Price McKinnon 1992
Virginia Lewis Beatty 1991
Wil Jung 1991
Russell Morash 1990
George Elbert 1989
Theodore R. Marston 1989
George W. Waters 1989
Maggie Baylis 1988
Irma Bartell Dugan 1988
Joseph E. Howland 1988
James W. Wilson 1988
John E. Bryan 1987
Derek Fell 1987
Jane Pepper 1987
F. Gordon Foster 1986
Fred C. Galle 1986
Corinne W. Willard 1986
Lorraine M. Burgess 1985
Dr. Ray C. Allen 1985
Jeannette Lowe 1985
Everitt L. Miller 1985
Alice Upham Smith 1984
Wilbur Youngman 1984
M.C. "Lee" Goldman 1983
Elvin McDonald 1983
Frederick McGourty 1983
Paul F. Frese 1982
Clarence E. Lewis 1982
George W. Taloumis 1982
John E. Bradshaw 1981
John Burton Brimer 1981
Robert A. Nicholson 1981
G. "Doc" & Katy Abraham 1979
Alice W. Burlingame 1979
Roy Hay 1979
Margaret Herbst 1979
Dr. R. Miltion Carlton 1977
Gretchen Harshbarger 1977
Gordon B. Lloyd 1977
C. Gordon Milne 1977
Albert Wilson 1977