GardenComm Honors recognize industry excellence and service to the association. To nominate an individual you feel exemplifies GardenComm's mission; 

  • Fill in the form below - You may nominate yourself. Include a brief (200 or so words), passionate, compelling story about what distinguishes nominees from their peers.
  • Select the honors category select one category per nominee
  • Highlight how the nominee has made a significant contribution to communicating about plants, gardens, and people.
Nominations will be reviewed by a panel of volunteer judges comprised of GardenComm members. The slate is annually approved by the board of directors before the annual conference. Names of honorees will be kept confidential until the conference. Nomination Deadline is 5/15/23
Honors Categories

Here are the honors categories for your nomination. Note: Sitting officers and directors are not eligible for GardenComm Honors because the board approves all nominations. However, directors who are leaving their position may be considered. 

Hall of Fame is the highest honor GardenComm can bestow on a person whose life and career has materially affected and advanced the mission and values of GardenComm. Members only.

Fellow recognizes a member in good standing who has demonstrated exceptionally high degrees of skill, professional ethics, and dedication to GardenComm mission and values. Two members may be elected each year.

Emergent Communicator recognizes one member under the age of 40 who has demonstrated exceptionally high degrees of skill, professional ethics and dedication to the GardenComm mission and values. Please verify the nominee has not reached age 40 by the date of the annual conference.

Wilfred J. Jung Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to one Allied member who has contributed significantly to the promotion of home gardening and garden communications. Wil Jung (pronounced Yung), was president of the J.W. Seed Company, a family business founded by his father, and later served as executive director of the Garden Writers of America from 1984 to 1991.

Cynthia Westcott Scientific Writing recognizes individuals who communicate new ideas, concepts or scientific findings related to horticulture and gardening in terms that are easily understood by laypersons. Dr. Cynthia Westcott (1898-1983), a plant pathologist and rose expert who won many horticultural accolades for her work, was inducted into the GardenComm Hall of Fame in 1982. Non-member nominations are welcome.

Green Medal Sustainability recognizes the accomplishments of individuals or allied organizations dedicated to wise and respectful care of the Earth, and implementation of sustainable and regenerative practices. Non-member nominations are welcome.

Honorary Member recognizes a non-member who is actively engaged in activities that, on a day-to-day basis, promote GardenComm’s mission and values on a national level. This individual’s efforts reflect the highest ideals of the organization.