GardenComm Hall of Fame Honorees

Membership in the Hall of Fame is the highest honor GardenComm can bestow on a member whose life and career has materially reflected and advanced the objectives of GardenComm. Hall of Fame candidates are nominated by the membership, recommended by the Honors Committee and elected by the Board of Directors. Members of the Hall of Fame are excused from dues. Self-nominations are welcome.

2023 Honoree - Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson is an award-winning photographer and writer specializing in insect, wild plant, and horticultural photography. His background in entomology and botany resulted in a deep library of images showing the inter-relationships insects have with plants.

As a stock photographer with a file of over 450,000 images, his work has appeared nationally in more than 1,100 magazines, books and calendars.

He wrote the monthly column ‘Insect ID’ for Horticulture magazine for 8 years and has written articles for Birds & Blooms magazine, Minnesota Gardening magazine and many, many others. He is the co-creator and photographer of the children’s book Minnesota Bug Hunt, published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press in 2013.

Since joining GardenComm in 2008, Bill has won 14 Silvers from the annual media awards: four for writing and 10 for photography. And one Gold, for writing. He has served on the board as both a regional and national director.

Bill Johnsonsquare


Past Hall of Fame Inductees
Member Year Honored Additional Honors
Cathy Wilkinson Barash 2022  
Kirk Ryan Brown 2021  
Stephanie Cohen 2020 Fellow, 2014
Bill Thomas 2019  
James Baggett 2018  
Melinda Myers 2017  
Debra Prinzing 2016  
Rob Cardillo 2015 Fellow, 2002
Brian Minter 2014 Fellow, 2002
Irene Virag 2012 Fellow, 2005
Judy Lowe 2011  
Alan & Linda Detrick 2010 Fellow, 2005
Rosalind Creasy 2009 Fellow, 1999
Barbara Lawton 2008 Fellow, 2001
Walter Chandoha 2006 Fellow, 1997
Ed Hume 2005 Fellow, 1995
Jeff Lowenfels 2004 Fellow, 1998
Frances Tanenbaum 2004 Fellow, 1997
Theodore Marston 2003 Fellow, 1989
Brent & Becky Heath 2002  
Ralph Snodsmith 2001  
G. "Doc" & Katy Abraham 1999 Fellow, 1979
Elvin McDonald 1998 Fellow, 1983
James W. Wilson 1995 Fellow, 1988
Walter Doty 1993  
Donald Wyman 1992  
Rachel Synder 1990 Fellow, 1981
Art Kozelka 1988 Fellow, 1977
Carlson B. Lees 1986 Fellow, 1981
Dr. Cynthia Westcott 1982 Honorary Member, 1993
James Underwood Crockett 1981 Fellow, 1977
Isabell Zucker 1981 Fellow, 1977