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The Green Industry Speaks: A Free Pre-Conference Event


Are you a garden editor, freelance writer, garden communicator or social media content creator? If your content reaches an audience who loves gardening and garden-related products, register now for this exclusive one day event. Whether you are a GardenComm member or not, you can join us on 9/29, 12-6PM EST for an industry perspective on how climate change is affecting our gardens and landscapes and get a preview of the 4 day conference

Registered attendees will also have access to the recording after the event so be sure to sign up even if you are unavailable for the live sessions!

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Joe Lampl

Regenerative Agriculture in Today's Gardens & Landscapes
Rodale Institute

Soil health is intrinsically linked to the total health of our food system. Soil health affects everything from plant health to human wellbeing and the future of our planet. Regenerative prioritizes soil health while simultaneously encompassing high standards for animal welfare and worker fairness. The idea is to create farm systems that work in harmony with nature to improve quality of life for every creature involved.

How Climate Change Transforms Your Landscape
Richard Restuccia

Water shortages may be catastrophic for horticulture and agriculture. With climate change happening at an unprecedented rate, it will continue to produce more extreme weather that will have an enormous impact on the industry. Landscapes need water to survive, and climate change is making it harder to get all the water you need at an affordable price. However, water is already complex enough without adding climate change and drought.

Climate Change, Urban Forests, and Arboriculture: Impacts and Solutions
Daniel Herms, PhD

Earth has warmed sharply in recent decades with impacts on tree growth and stress, pest pressure, urban heat, drought and wildfire, storm water runoff, and worker safety that are readily apparent. This presentation will review these intensifying impacts of climate change, projected impacts of future warming, potential for trees to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and selecting trees for future climates.

Panel Discussion - It All Starts With GardenComm
Joe Lamp'l

Television host and GardenComm member, Joe Lamp'l, leads a panel discussion about how the organization helps pave the way for communications success in the green industry. Hear the incredible accounts from members who launched their careers as television and radio hosts, book authors, social media influencers and the companies who benefit from their outreach to the aspiring gardeners and DIY homeowners. 

The Horticultural Research Institute - Native Plants and Pollinators Research 
Michael Martin, PhD

This is an exploration of native plant and pollinator research sponsored by HRI and the impact and implications of their findings.The Horticultural Research Institute, part of the AmericanHort Foundation, has a long and rich heritage, bookmarked by key decisions that influenced the shape of our organization today. The Horticultural Research Institute was established on September 19, 1962 to support and promote horticultural research that benefits the horticultural industry. 

There has never been a better time to connect and meet with your industry peers. You will discover new opportunities for creating content and expanding your network all from attending this event. Complete the form to register and we will provide you with access to the free preview day. We look forward to meeting YOU!

Looking for details on how to attend the live 4-day event? Click here to go to the registration page. Member Rate $149 Non-Member Rate $199


“Wow! I had no idea how much networking I'd be able to do at this virtual conference. I re-connected with people and met great new people too.”

“I got something useful from every single session I attended this year.”

“For professional development, it was among the best GWA/GardenComm conferences I’ve experienced.”

“The tips I learned from both the Instagram and photography sessions changed my life!”

“Excellent job of varying the program and connecting the digital platform with a new way to visit a trade show.”

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