Meet the Editors


Hannah Agran

Hannah Agran is executive editor at Midwest Living, where she oversees all travel, food, home, garden and culture content. On her off time, she loves to travel, here and abroad. At home, she's either on the tennis court, or puttering in the kitchen or garden. Proposed garden locations/topics must be in the Midwest or appropriate for our region. IL, IN, IA, KS, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND, OH, SD, WI.

Interested in Pitches For: Digital and Magazine Articles


Sarah Beck

Sarah Beck represents, Pacific Horticulture, a gathering place for optimistic ideas and a diverse network of people who cultivate plants to make our part of the planet more livable, healthful, habitat supporting, and resilient. Our media content includes digital articles, podcasts, and short video. The following topics make up our core themes: Growing for Biodiversity, water-wise design and protection from wildfire, Sustainable Gardening, inspired gardens and design, and Garden Futurists. Our resources serve the Pacific Region defined as: California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Hawaii, Alaska, and Baja California 

Interested in Pitches For: Digital Articles and Podcasting


Peter Behravesh

I'm the editor for MandalaEarth, a division of Insight Editions. I acquire mind/body/spirit books for the Mandala imprint, as well as environmental advocacy and nature photography books for the EarthAware imprint. I'm interested in hearing pitches on mindfulness in nature, forest bathing, elevated insect photography, guerrilla gardening, climate change, or anything gardening-focused that broadly relates to the two imprints I manage.

Interested in Pitches For: Books


Kayla Belser

I am an Editorial Assistant at Weldon Owen. Weldon Owen is a California based, boutique publishing house that creates visually splendid, mind-expanding books that nurture a wide range of readers'​ passions, be they practical, creative, adventurous, or all-out fun. I mainly focus on cookbooks, art focused photography books, and reading journals. We illustrate great ideas and entertain and inspire along the way. Most of all, we love to create beautiful books that make you want to pick them up and are tough to put down.

Interested in Pitches For: Books, Photography


Hannah Elnan

Sasquatch Books publishes visual nonfiction by gifted writers, artists, chefs, naturalists, and thought leaders whose work reflects the adventurous, creative, DIY spirit of the PNW. Their passion becomes ours as we help transform their vision into beautifully crafted books and journals. Sasquatch Books combines the creativity, innovation, and attentiveness of a small press with the reach and prominence of our parent company, Penguin Random House. A lifelong bookworm, Hannah loves to work on books that change people’s lives for the better. She enjoys flowers, nature, and gardening, West Coast travel, house & home, parenting, crafts and creative inspiration.

Interested in Pitches For: Books


Julie Hullett

Julie Hullett serves as the Managing Editor of Greenhouse Grower. Greenhouse Grower is a B2B trade publication covering commercial floriculture. Our primary audience is greenhouse growers. We offer informative articles on production, varieties, technology, and management. Greenhouse Grower is one of six brands owned by Meister Media Worldwide.

Interested in Pitches For: Digital Articles, Magazine Articles, Trade Writing, Photography


Viveka Nevlin

Viveka Neveln is the digital senior garden editor for Better Homes and Gardens. She oversees all gardening content for bhg.com, from assigning to publishing. If you have a knack for (or even an interest in) integrating SEO best practices with accurate and engaging gardening information, she wants to hear from you!

Interested in Pitches For: Digital Articles


Matt McClellan

Nursery Management Magazine

Interested in Pitches For: Trade Articles


Christy Page

Christy Page represents the Mequoda Publishing Network, which includes their digital publications, Food Gardening Network and GreenPrints. They both have free content (Daily and Freebie pages) as well as paid memberships. For Food Gardening Network that includes Gardening Guides, Cookbooks, Monthly Magazines, and video library and for GreenPrints that includes the Magazine as well as Collections. They both have an audience size over 300,000 active subscribers. We are accepting article contributions for both publications on a variety of topics.

Interested in Pitches For: Digital Articles


Kelli Rodda

Kelli Rodda is the editorial director of Nursery Management, Greenhouse Management, Produce Grower, and Garden Center magazines. These B2B pubs serve North American wholesale plant growers and independent garden centers. We cover production and business management topics, and we profile firms of all sizes with the goal of helping readers operate a profitable and sustainable business. We use freelance writers for grower and retailer profiles, plant features, production process how-tos, advertorials, and more.

Interested in Pitches For: Magazine Articles


Meghan Shinn

Horticulture is a subscription-based magazine for avid gardeners across North America. Our readers have a strong grasp of gardening basics. They turn to Horticulture for more advanced design advice special techniques and recommendations of plants that will set their gardens apart.

Meghan is currently making assignments for spring 2024 and forward. She's most in need of plant-focused and design-related articles and looking for feature stories (generally 1,000 to 1,200 words).

Interested in Pitches For: Magazine Articles


Kristin Beane Sullivan

Kristin Beane Sullivan is the executive editor of Garden Gate and Horticulture magazines, but the assigning editor for Garden Gate, a bimonthly print magazine with a circulation of about 150k subscribers. Garden Gate also publish 4 SIPs per year and a website (gardengatemagazine.com), are active on social media, and are growing our video offerings and youtube channel. Everything the team at Garden Gate does is focused on helping people be more successful in their gardens with inspiration, solid horticultural information and how-to advice. Garden Gate is mostly staffed produced, but we do occasionally hire freelance authors, photographers and illustrators for our print publication. As we grow our offerings, we expect to have more needs for all of these services.

Interested in Pitches For: Digital Articles, Magazine Articles, Trade Writing, Podcasting, Video Content


Emily Turner

Emily Turner acquires books at the intersection of human and environmental health, especially interested in food, agriculture, and gardening sustainable living and the effect of chemicals on our health. Her favorite books deliver an important message through a compelling narrative or voice. She first joined Island Press in 2002 and have also worked at New York University Press and Academy Chicago Publishers. Emily holds an M.A. in writing from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in English literature from the University of Virginia. She's specifically looking for books about sustainable approaches to gardening.

Interested in Pitches For: Books


Lauren Younker

Lauren Younker is an Acquiring Editor for Fox Chapel Publishing signing gardening and farming titles. Fox Chapel Publishing is known for titles in craft, cooking, home and garden, woodworking, and so much more. Lauren is looking forward to hearing some amazing pitches for potential garden titles! 

Interested in Pitches For: Books

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