Enterprise Zoom License

Grow Your Business and Profits with Zoom

Host your paid webinars with up to 500 live attendees and unlimited cloud storage with a GardenComm exclusive Enterprise Zoom license! Only $375 annually for members, $560 annually for non-members.

Watch GardenComm member CL Fornari in this on-demand webinar where you'll learn how a Zoom Enterprise Account can help you promote your business and monetize your expertise and other pursuits.

Whether you're promoting an independent garden center, a small business in the green industry, or working as a freelance writer or speaker, you'll hear how this affordable but feature-packed Zoom account can expand and grow what you do. It’s much more than a regular Zoom account, and CL can tell you from personal experience the multitude of benefits and growth she and her business have garnered by this investment. Many GardenComm members have already signed-up for the Enterprise accounts (or upgraded and transferred their existing account to this program) since we launched this member benefit! Don't wait, register for your license now and start growing your business and your profits.

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Get a Zoom Enterprise License


Annual Subscription Fees:

MEMBERS | $375 Annual Subscription

NON MEMBERS | $375 Annual Subscription + $155 for 2024 GardenComm Membership ($530) contact info@gardencomm.org

ENTERPRISE ZOOM LICENSE ONLY | $700 contact info@gardencomm.org

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