Maximizing Your GardenComm Membership

Members often wonder how to make the most of their GardenComm membership. Here are a few suggestions for how all members can benefit from GardenComm.

Find mentors

No matter what your goals are as a garden communicator, you’ll find GardenComm members who have “been there and done that” and are willing to share their expertise. Get advice about publishing, freelance writing, speaking, photography, TV/Radio, and marketing your work. Receive guidance about software, websites, blogging, social networking, or equipment. Gather information about contracts, billing, and selling your skills. Suggestions for how to connect to GardenComm member-mentors are below.

Connect with the best in the industry

GardenComm members are well connected. As you develop relationships with other members (aka networking) you will become linked to those who can help publicize your books, organizations, events, and talents. Often GardenComm members can turn “six degrees of separation” into “two or three steps to connection.”

Expand your horticultural awareness

By being involved in GardenComm you’ll be the first to learn about new plants, products, and research. Additionally, if you attend the Annual Conference, you’ll see beautiful gardens in different parts of the U.S. and Canada, many of which are not open to the public.

Level up your skills

GardenComm offers many opportunities to improve writing, speaking, photography, and media skills through in-person education, virtual events, on-demand education, and exclusive member-only access GardenCommUnity.

Stand out in a crowd

Face it…we can all get really comfortable doing the-same-old-same-old. Yet, when you’re surrounded and supported by hundreds of innovative doers, it’s impossible not to be inspired and invigorated. Jumpstart your business, skills and creativity!

How Members can get started
  • Reach out to GardenComm leadership team in GardenCommUnity and let them know of your particular interests and goals. They can connect you with other members who are willing to have conversations about your objectives and answer questions. You can also learn more about how to get involved on GardenComm Committees and connected with other members.
  • Form your own power circle or special interest group with other members. If you want group support and encouragement about a particular pursuit or topic, meet regularly with others who are of similar mind. Such meetings can be done via Zoom, Skype or through regular conversations on the Communities Forum. For more information about how power circles work, contact Kathy Jentz.
  • Connect meetings are a great way to meet in-person when we can and virtually. These meetings happen at industry trade shows and events for an opportunity to meet and connect. GardenComm's leadership team will also host events in four major North American time zones that offer insightful education or insights from industry professionals. Look for details on GardenCommUnity, social media, and by emails for upcoming meetings.
  • Attend the Annual Conference. Held in locations across the United States annually or virtually, the Annual Conference is jam-packed with gardens, education, plants, products and industry connections. Most members will tell you that once they attend one conference, they find such a wealth of experiences and opportunities that they are determined to attend every year. 
GardenComm offers many other opportunities and benefits. Whatever you want to grow, and wherever you want to go, GardenComm is ready to help.